The longing of every Israeli Messianic leader is to see his ministry reproduce and multiply. 

As the Messianic movement grows, new congregations have sprung up all over Israel with new leaders who  have the vision and call of God, but who are looking for more understanding of how to grow their congregations and reproduce more leaders.

Coupled with this is the desire of the early pioneers in the Messianic movement to see new young leaders on fire with commitment, passion and vision that grows ever stronger.

Maoz are committed to providing top quality leadership training conferences for leaders from all across Israel.

Working in partnership with John Maxwell's equip organisation we have provided free training for leaders from all over Israel.

A Passover gift to the people of Israel:

Handel's Messiah


Supporting the Messianic Jewish and Arab Christian youth is very important to us at Maoz.

We sometimes work in with other organisations in Israel, either by helping with funding or working in partnership to develop projects, examples include summer camps and conferences.

This gives our youth the chance to be with other believers their age, to worship God together and to grow in their faith. Most of them do not even have one fellow believer in their class at school, so this time of fellowship is very important to them.

One of the most unique ways to bring the Bible to our Jewish People:

As darkness covers the earth, and gross darkness the people, our Jewish people will see a great light! The Words of the Hebrew Prophets are once again being heard - in Hebrew - accompanied by the beloved musical masterpiece of George Frideric Handel.

During the Passover Season, Composer and Conductor David Loden presented three performances of Handel’s Messiah.

Two concerts in the centre of Israel will host 550 Holocaust survivors.

The third performance in Jerusalem was a Benefit Concert in which all proceeds went to help Syrian Refugees

Conferences and Events