The Narrated Bible

The average Israeli, including college graduates, do not read the Hebrew language Old Testament because many of the books are written in vocabulary too ancient to easily understand.  Neither do they read the New Testament, because they don’t believe it is inspired.  We need to make the Bible more accessible so beginning in late 2017 we begun a three year project to translate 'The Narrated Chronological Bible'. We believe that this will have a powerful impact on the body of Messiah in Israel and also make the whole Bible accesible in a way never seen before.  Of course, the original Hebrew Scripture text would remain exactly the same.  There are not two versions of the Hebrew Bible.

The Narrated Chronological Bible gives an introduction to each event or concept and the Biblical text has been arranged in chronological order and there are footnotes explaining a word or place when needed. The head of the Israel Bible Society, Victor Kalisher, feels that this is exactly the type of Bible needed in


The cost will be

approximately £380,000. 

The Bible itself will have

approximately 2000 pages. 

That means that every page

of this Bible will cost about

£190, could you consider

sponsoring one page, or

two - or even a whole book?

It does have to be all the

Psalms - but it could be one.

Please contact the UK office if you can help.

Translating and publishing life-transforming books in Hebrew which are biblically rooted, culturally relevant, and practical!

                              Colin and Glynys

                              Fogwill from the

                              Maoz UK Team

                              with one of our

                              bookstands at Beit

                              Hallel congregation

                              in Ashdod.

The thrill of publishing books is part of our DNA! It is a core value — to create a library of books and life-changing literature for spiritual growth in the Hebrew language.

It is most definitely a long-term goal that will give multitudes of Israelis the opportunity to understand the Good News and then to put deep roots down in their faith.

We continue to do whatever it takes to pick just the right books to impact Israelis, both unbelievers and believers. This means we must acquire publishing rights, translate, edit, format, print and distribute these books.

Why are we so adamant about this? Because a BOOK is going to have a longer life than we have! And we want to be impacting the next generation with spiritual truths long after we have gone to heaven.

Our publishing department has a full Israeli team for publishing — including translators, editors, proofreaders, typesetters and graphic designers - which has enabled us to publish, print and distribute 90 books, thus far. In addition, we have a beautiful catalogue, with over 50 titles available in congregations around Israel.

Hebrew Books and Media

On April 25 2017 we marked the publication of David Stern’s ‘The Jewish New Testament Commentary’ in HEBREW!  It was quite an accomplishment, and took over 3 years from start to finish. 

David has been a faithful servant of the body of Messiah in Israel through the years so it was fitting that the evening recognised this as Ari and Shira led the celebrations with their friends and leaders from all over the country.