Andy and Jane Robb, Senior Pastors, Revival Church, Billericay

It’s been almost thirty years since God opened our eyes and our hearts to

his ongoing plans and purposes for the Jewish people and the intrinsic connection

of this understanding to our Christian faith.  

As founding leaders of a church we were therefore keen to root it in God’s love of his covenant people. 

Partnering with Maoz Israel presented a very practical way to achieve this goal, through channelling financial support to Israel, giving us direction in what to pray for and keeping us informed about current events.

We have appreciated the visits Maoz Israel have made to the church and the strengthening of our relationship through this.

With our partnership with Maoz Israel as the backbone to our engagement with Israel and the Jewish people, we also run the Kesher Course and have shared a Seder meal as a church. The fruit of this is that many of our people have also come into their own personal revelation of God’s love for the Jewish people.

We have some recent stories from some of our partners. The very much appreciate all those who stand with in this great work of reaching Israel with the Good news.

Maoz UK/City church Cardiff Trip to Israel

In June 2017 a team of young people from Wales went to Israel to help out with two of our congregations.  They were based in Ashdod and Tel Aviv and spent a couple of days in the Galilee and Jerusalem.  They all had to raise their own funds to go. The trip was a great success with the young people sharing in congregational life as well as doing a mini-tour of Israel. Some great connections were made between the young people in our congregations and the team.

A Bible Israelis can read

Latest News From Maoz UK

Did you know that in Hebrew there is only one version of the Bible that is universally accepted by the Jewish people? 
There is no equivalent to the NIV, the New King James, or the New Living Bible. Israeli Messianic publishers have produced some fine children’s Bibles, but there is one, and only one, authentic Biblical text in Hebrew.

The Jewish scribes of old were passionately devoted to not changing a single letter or connotation in the entire Old Testament as they wrote new manuscripts of the Bible by hand.

As a result, there are no mistakes, spelling or otherwise, that change the theology of the Bible. When the Dead Sea Scrolls were discovered in 1947, the text copied 2000 years ago was found to be virtually the same as the text as we have it today. The differences were mostly consisting of human scribe copying errors that did not change the meaning of the text.  There’s only one problem. Because the original text was written between 2500 and 3500 years ago, most Israelis today can’t understand much of the Hebrew text. Too many words are no longer used or have different modern meanings.

For this reason, Maoz, in partnership with the Israel Bible Society, has begun a three-year project of producing a version of the English Narrated Bible in Chronological Order in Hebrew. This will be a Bible that Israelis will be able to read and understand!

The Scriptures themselves will, of course, be the original Hebrew text. But we will follow the Narrated Bible’s beautifully-written explanatory introductions to each section in the text about to be read. Headings for every few verses will reinforce the focus of the chapters. And putting the Scriptures in chronological order greatly enhances the meaning of God’s Word as the context becomes so much clearer.

Furthermore, each word no longer understood today will be noted at the end of the page in modern Hebrew. The project will take approximately three years to complete.

This Hebrew Narrated Chronological Bible will open God’s Word to multitudes of Israelis who have never before understood the Bible!

Each page of this Bible (about 2,000 pages) will cost approximately £190. We invite you to help us present the Word of God to Israel. It will be an investment of a lifetime!

Maoz UK / City Church Cardiff Israel Tour 

From 8th to 16th November Brian Co-lead a tour to Israel. Apart for visiting some of the sites one of the main aims of the tour was to connect with believers in the land.  We shall visitied Beit Hallel Congregation in Ashdod, and linked up with several other believers to for prayer and encouragement.   This is the type of tour that Maoz will be arranging on the future. We believe that connecting with believers is the single most important element of any tour of Israel. For more details contact the UK office